Peak Performance

Strategic Agility Group offers access to health and wellness coaching, coupled with an individualized, clinically and client proven nutritional system.  Obtain results to meet your goals and get off the diet roller coaster.  You'll leverage nutrition that easily incorporates into your daily routine.  It supports physical performance, weight management and healthy aging.

Peak Performance

Elevate your personal best with a clinically and client proven solution

Nicole Barone, Peak Performance Strategist and Certified Health Coach, has over 20 years of health and wellness experience. Nicole started her own business to provide a customized approach to reach each individual’s nutrition and fitness goals. Teaming up with a network of the best nutritionists around the country, Nicole listens to each client's needs and develops customized solutions. Individuals ranging from 18 months to 82 years of age have benefited from her system and nutritional guidance. Through her health journey, Nicole has learned that benefiting from better nutrition can start at any age, and that the second half of your life can be the BEST half of your life. 

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Here's what her clients have to say: 


I started working with Nicole to train for the marathon that I ran

today. I'm happy to say, not only did I beat the time I was

shooting for, but I took 23 minutes off my last marathon

- - well beyond my expectations. Thank you Nicole!

~Melissa G. 

More than 20 lbs. lighter and countless inches, I’ve dropped
4 dress sizes. OMG, I’m back! The person in the mirror…
IT’S ME, only BETTER! And, I'm preparing to run my first 5k
in 8 years this fall! Thank you for your love and support!

~Christina. D. 

To this day I'm so thankful that I said yes to partner with Nicole.
Consistently feeling fueled and energized has helped me
overcome stress & challenges, making all the difference.
So thankful I said YES!

~Judy. S.


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